What Pirate Are You?

Test out your possibilities! Who will you play?

 With three teams in Stormwrecked and dozens of possible characters, this test can help you figure out what potential types of character might best suit you. There are thirty one possible results. Which one will you get?

Will you be on The Pirate Team, those who have rejected society and joined up to be bloodthirsty pirates instead? 

You could be the Captain, the Quartermaster, the Storyteller, the Doctor, the Boatswain, the Carpenter, the Cutthroat, the Cook, the Shepherd of the Sea, the Navigator, the Cabin Boy, or the Stowaway!

Will you be on The Navy Team, those sailing for the majesty of the Queen? 

You could be the Lieutenant, the Chaplain, the Gunner, the Governor, the Governor's Daughter, the Cook, the Teacher, or the Merchant!

Will you be on The Cursed Pirates Team, those stranded on the island for a while, gradually turning into animals from the isle's curse? 

You could be the Captain, the Quartermaster, the Cook, the Fisher, the Hunter, the Inventor, the Island Witch, the Lady in Waiting, the Navigator, the Storyteller, or the Witchdoctor!

With so many possibilities, there's only one way to find out... 

Take the quiz now!


Note: All character types and sketches in this quiz are only possibilities. They are not set or static. If you have a concept for a character you are excited about or want to play, please don't hesitate to include that on your character survey! We love working with players to foster their creativity and make their ideas come to life. 

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