Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the organizers?

Flamma Mysteries. Flamma Mysteries is an event company founded by Alexandra Clinton, a murder mystery party writer and LARP hobbyist. In September 2018, Flamma Mysteries ran Maelstrom Mansion: a Lovecraft LARP, the first LARP event to be held at the historic Mansions on Fifth in Pittsburgh, PA. 

When and where will this event be held?

October 30th-November 1st, 2020, in the Outer Banks, NC. The venue is the beautiful Sanderling Resort in Duck. 

What is the setting for this event?

The early 1700's on an uncharted island in the Caribbean. Attendees will be cast as period appropriate character (pirate, civilian, naval officer, etc), though magical elements will be present. Some characters may be under the influence of the sea witch's curse, causing them to have unique features or abilities. 


What is included in a ticket?

The ticket price primarily covers the cost of amazing meals supplied by the Sanderling Resort chefs, and their service charges/tax/gratuity. Guests can expect a gourmet buffet lunch and two dinners. We will have a lunch available during Friday workshops as well. Tickets also cover our venue rental, insurance costs, operations costs, and prop/production cost. We aim to give our guests the biggest 'bang' for their buck. 

What is NOT included in a ticket?

Transportation and Rooming. Guests will be responsible for booking their own rooms in the Sanderling Resort once tickets and rooming open up. Prices are approximate as follows: $199/night (excluding tax + resort fees) for a 2 Queen bed room (sleeps 4), and a 1 King bed room (sleeps 2). We are booked in the North Inn and will likely only offer tickets as long as rooming is available in our block. Though we can book extra players in the other sections of the resort, we are not eager to split our guests!

Why are rooms not assigned?

To make the event costs as reasonable as possible, we would like to provide our guests with the opportunity to sleep four people in a 2 queen bed room. We can aid players in finding roommates/travel buddies through our Facebook group. 

What style of LARP is this event?

At this moment… I don’t have a good definition for it! A high level categorization would be “Theater LARP.” Perhaps it counts as American Freeform? Players will fill out a form based on the sort of character they would like to play. Most of our characters will be created ahead of time, and then we will try to fill roles based on players’ preferences. The game mechanics themselves will provide players a chance to create connections and play a bit of their own stories—but there is an end goal for everyone to work towards! Characters will need to solve puzzles and complete tasks to reach their final goal. Some characters may have special skill sets that lend themselves to these tasks, and those skills will be determined in their character sheet.  

Is there a way to rent costumes?

At this time... No. However, we have many talented creators in the community who have created custom pieces for players! We might be able to help you find someone to commission. 

Is there combat?

Not at this time. Flamma Mysteries events incorporate unique mini games and mechanics to offer a variety of play styles. 


Will photos be allowed?

We ask that our players do not take any photos or videos, as those will need photo releases. All of our players will be signing a release that will allow our photographers to take pictures.  

Will there be NPC opportunities?

Though we will have NPCs, we are not sure how many slots will be available. The organizers and their main crew will likely be playing NPCs during the event, so it really depends on how many are able to make it to the event!  

I hear there will be a Halloween Party?

Yes! Depending on if we meet 'stretch goals', we may even have some goodies to offer! The game will be ending with its finale, followed by an Out of Character Halloween Party! The Organizers take Halloween very seriously and will absolutely not miss the opportunity to get spooky on a beach!

Any more questions?

Feel free to drop us an email!

Captain and Quartermaster Tickets

Can I play a Captain or Quartermaster?


Possibly! At this time, we intend to release the Pirate team Quartermaster and Captain, as well as the Cursed Pirate team Quartermaster and Captain. We may choose not to release the Master and Commodore tickets to the public, as those may go to NPCs due to certain mechanics. The Quartermaster will be responsible for building boats and camps with the resources their team provides, and the Captain will be responsible for deciding what to DO with those items (as well as making final mission decisions, among other things.)

What is the cost?

The Quartermaster tickets will be $700/ticket + rooming, and the Captain tickets will be $900 + rooming. Both of these tickets will come with special packages. The Captain will also have input on flag design and naming their team's ship/camp.  

Application Information

 These tickets will require a special application and essay. Because these roles would have been elected democratically, we want to do our best to ensure that the team leaders will do what is best for their crew, rather than following their own ambition. We want to avoid mutiny, which a crew may have chosen to do if their Captain is deemed unfit. 

Applications will open in September at the same time a the character casting form. Quartermaster and Captain forms will close at midnight on 12/31/19 so that we have time to get flag designs done and roles announced before character casting begins.