Event Information

Sail into the early 1700’s, when pirates scoured the seven seas and the oceans were filled with mystery. For one weekend, the Sanderling Resort in the Outer Banks will become the Cursed Island of Calypso, the sea witch! After being chased through a storm by the fastest ship in the Navy, a crew of pirates wash ashore, unable to escape! Together with the navy survivors and the inhabitants of the island, they will have one chance to leave the island before they’re trapped forever and succumb to Calypso’s Curse!

At this time, Stormwrecked: A Pirate Larp, is only set to run once. Though there is potential for it to return in the future, we do not advise holding out for a second event. There will be an initial ticket cap of 60 tickets, at which point we will evaluate rooming and decide if a limited number of additional tickets will be made available.


Attendees will receive a survey after purchasing their ticket so that the organizers can best gather information on each person. Attendees are welcome to submit ideas for characters but most characters will be pre-written and assigned based upon feedback from character surveys. Our aim is to best fit character personality types to attendees so that attendees may be fully comfortable stepping into that role. Organizers will do their best to tailor characters to fit each attendee, but some information will be unalterable—skills and connections, for example, are unlikely to be changed. 

There will be three ‘teams’. There will be one Pirate team, one Naval team (comprised of navy officers and civilians), and a crew of Cursed Pirates who have been trapped on the island for some time. Captain and Quatermaster tickets will be released in fall 2019 and cast in January 2020. Captains will have the opportunity to come up with their team/ship name and flag emblem. Alliances will be made and broken as attendees work to solve puzzles, find resources, and attempt to develop a society. 

Attendees will have until midnight on Saturday to accomplish a series of goals to find a set of totems to summon the Ship of the Seven Seas in order to escape the Cursed Island. 

(Please see our FAQ for further information)


Immersion - Photographs



We ask that attendees do not take photos during the event, as only Flamma Mystery photographers will have permission to photograph everyone. We ask that attendees please restrict their photos to their rooms the third floor hallways where game play will not be happening.