Join Us Halloween Weekend 2020 for a Unique Pirate Experience

The Game

  At the height of the Golden Age of Piracy, cutthroats roamed the seas ever chasing after their dreams of success and freedom. Players will be cast into a variety of roles (such as pirates, civilians, and naval officers,) who have all washed up on the Cursed Island of Calypso. In order to escape the Sea Witch, alliances will be built (and broken,) mysteries will be solved, and decisions will be made. 

October 30th - November 1st, 2020!

The Venue


The Sanderling Resort is a Four-Diamond Resort located just north of Duck, North Carolina. Guests will be treated to gourmet meals and a private resort beach as part of their ticket price.
1461 Duck Road

Duck, NC 27949

 (855) 412-7866 

The Area


The Southern Outer Banks is notorious for being the stomping grounds of some of history's most infamous pirates. Notable swashbucklers who sailed through the area were Calico Jack, Anne Bonney, Mary Reed, and the infamous Blackbeard. 

Blackbeard is one of history's most legendary pirates of all time with his ship, the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, and the coast of North Carolina has the honor of being his favorite plundering grounds, his favorite hideout, and his home.

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